Wonsuck Lee
Scientific Computing Research Group
Computing Science Research Center
Bell Laboratories


 I am affiliates with Computing Science Research Center at Bell Laboratories. I am a member of Scientific Computing Research Group working on problems in applied mathematics, computational physics, and engineering science.

Research Interests:
What does intrigue me is naive face of nature but yet complicated structure within it. I am trying to find  answers  to those questions arising in many areas of physics and engineering sciences. I am spending half of my time with a pencil and paper and the other half with my eye on monitor hoping to have more computing power. List of recent publications is here.

I have been working on a data communication network modeling and simulation, optical network design and simulation, microfluidic, random velocity field in porous media, interfacial instability of multiphase fluids,  ground water simulation, numerical scheme of a history dependent integro-differential equation, parallel computation, and  grid distributed computing. Little more details can be found here.

I have studied at State University of New York at Stony Brook in Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics. I worked as a postdoctoral fellow at The University of Texas at Austin in Texas Institute of Computational and Applied Mathematics (TICAM). I also worked at IBM Research - Austin Research Laboratories. I joined Bell Laboratories in year 2001. My collaborators are scientists at University of Tennessee at Knoxville [Innovative Computing Laboratory], Rutgers University [CAIP] , Rice University [CARC], NPACI, and IBM T. J. Watson Research.

Other Activities:
I like to read science and technology magazines and listen to or dig into classical music, in fact, any music. I often bother my computer. I play racket ball and basket ball. 


Contact Infomation:
Wonsuck Lee
Bell Laboratories
600 Mountain Ave. Rm 2B-429
Murray Hill, New Jersey 07974

 (phone) 908-582-8876