Steven J. van Enk

How one might reach me

What links the four people in this picture (taken in Tokyo, March 18 2001) is quantum teleportation. Only one of these, Akira Furusawa on the left, knows how to do a teleportation experiment, the other three are just theorists. The 2nd from the left is Holger Hofmann, the 3rd is me, the 4th is Chris Fuchs. Fortunately, the picture is rather vague. The same circumstances (i.e., the fortunate vagueness) save the three people in the following picture, taken in Santa Barbara, from more embarrassment: left is Norbert Lutkenhaus of quantum cryptography fame, in the middle Dik Bouwmeester of teleportation fame, and the third is me, of no fame whatsoever. Yes, the above implies I do physics.

But I also like chess.

This proves I engage in physical activities as well.

I'm also one of the many Stevens who object to teaching creationism or intelligent design as if it is a science.