Todd Salamon

Interests (bibliography: bibtex / html )

I am interested in applying computational techniques to solving industrially relevant process problems. Systems that I am interested in include compressible gas flow with chemically reacting species, radiative heat transfer to participating media, and free-surface flows of rheologically complex fluids.

My background is in the area of polymer fluid mechanics. In my doctoral thesis research I used the finite element method to investigate film and extrusion flows of polymeric and Newtonian fluids. The following are links to results obtained from applying the finite element method to these types of free-surface flows: wave flow on a vertical liquid film and the extrusion of a Newtonian liquid. The following is a link to an example of a local mesh refinement technique that is used to resolve the solution field on small length scales.



Todd Salamon
Lucent Technologies
700 Mountain Ave., 7D-212
Murray Hill, New Jersey 07974-0636, USA
908-582-8766 (phone)
908-582-5570 (fax)

Electronic mail
I am affiliated with a scientific computing group at Bell Laboratories.

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