Steven Fortune

Bell Laboratories
Room 2C-518
600 Mountain Ave.
Murray Hill, NJ USA 07974-0636
(908) 582 7042 (office)
(908) 582 5857 (fax)
sjf @
I am Technical Manager of the Algorithms Research group within  the Computing Systems Principles department of Bell Laboratories, Alcatel-Lucent. Our group performs fundamental research in theoretical computer science, particularly algorithms.  We also engage in practical algorithmic work relevant to Alcatel-Lucent's technical problems.

Much of my past research has been in computational geometry, particularly robustness of geometric algorithms.  For several years I worked on the  WISE project, which uses geometric algorithms to predict radio propagation in indoor and outdoor environments.  Other work includes a particularly efficient  algorithm for approximating the roots of ill-conditioned, high-degree polynomials. More recent work includes the algorithmic innards of design tools for state-of-the-art optical networks.

Bibliography in  bibtex format  or html format.   Recent Papers, most with links to gzipped postscript files.

I am associate editor of SIAM Journal on Computing and International Journal of Computational Geometry with Applications (and previously ACM Transactions on Graphics).


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