Sem Borst

Contact Information

Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies
Room 2C-376
600 Mountain Avenue
P.O. Box 636
Murray Hill, NJ 07974-0636
Phone:    +1 908 582 4295
Fax:        +1 908 582 3340


Sem Borst is a member of the Complex System Analysis and Optimization Research Department of the Mathematical and Algorithmic Sciences Research Center at Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies.

Sem is also affiliated with the Advanced Communication Networks Group (PNA2) of the Probability, Networks and Algorithms Department (PNA) at the Center for Mathematics and Computer Science, CWI, in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Sem holds a professorship in the Stochastic Operations Group of the Department of Mathematics & Computer Science at Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands.

Research Interests




IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking

Operations Research

Operations Research Letters

Performance Evaluation

Wireless Networks at SpringerLink (Formerly Kluwer Academic)

Program Committees

Infocom 2005, 2006

MAMA 2004, 2005 Workshop

Performance 2002, 2005

RAWNET 2005, 2006

ACM SIGMETRICS  2000, 2005

SIGMETRICS/Performance 2001, 2004, 2006

WiOpt 2006

Professional Memberships

IFIP Working Group 7.3

Miscellaneous Links



Revised: September 18, 2005