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Jeannette's, Peter's, Annebelle's and Evaline's photo pages

Below you can find a bunch of photo's I have made with my new digital camera. The first page shows the thumbnails. For medium sized pictures, please click on the thumbnails. For large pictures (1600x1200) click on the medium sized pictures. Use the `back' button to return other medium-sized pictures, resp. thumbnails.

Ordinary photos
Annebelle's 4th birthday
Images from my trip to DC
Images Guido and Kim's wedding
Images from our holiday in southern France
Evaline's first real mouthfulls
Assorted other images
Annebelle at school
Diederik and Nathalie's wedding
Assorted images II
Annebelle's goodbye party at the day-care center
Our wedding
House hunting in the U.S.
Sint Maarten
Presentatie biografie A. Roland Holst
Diverse foto's
Ons nieuwe huis

To print a photo, download the image to your local disk and upload the images to, for example, Dixon's photo service.

You can find more information on my digital camera here.

This page has been updated on February 4th.