Lorenz Huelsbergen

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I have moved to Google. Please see huelsbergen.org for contact info.

Affiliated with Mathematical and Algorithmic Sciences Research Center
Previously affiliated with Computing Sciences Research Center
Bell Laboratories
Room 2C-523, 600 Mountain Ave., Murray Hill, New Jersey 07974-0636, USA

908-582-4628 office
908-582-3340 fax

My work is in parallel systems, reconfigurable hardware, scientific computation, and novel computing paradigms. Topics I've worked on in the past include: dynamic parallelization of programs, concurrent memory management (GC), and automatic induction of programs and circuits using ideas from evolution.

Recently I designed and built reconfigurable FPGA hardware to solve graph problems in a novel way. By representing graph edges as wires in a uniform and regular circuit, one can determine whether two vertices are connected via a path extremely quickly; this fast connectivity test can accelerate many standard graph algorithms. Current work extends this design to larger graphs -- a multi-context custom computer for graph problems. Papers are here.

If you're looking for SML/NJ's C interface or heap2exec utility, they're here.

A while back, Chris Fraser and I worked on compiling C to Java. Here are some applets written in C, compiled to lcc bytecodes, and then converted to Java with our c2java.

A Princeton course, Advanced Programming Techinques, Spring 1996.
A Swarthmore course, Algorithms and Object-Oriented Programming, Spring 1999.

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