Doug McIlroy

M. Douglas McIlroy
Department of Computer Science
Dartmouth College
Hanover, NH 03755
Engineer, mathematician, and programmer, I have had the good fortune to head the research department where Unix was born, and to work with some of the most creative talents in computing. Some things I have worked on:


ring of fire Ring of fire Jerusalem trefoil Jerusalem trefoil way to go Way to go
      R A C I S M         W A S S A I L 
      E V I N C E         A N T E N N A 
      P E R S O N         S T R I N G Y 
      A S C E N T         S E I Z U R E 
      S T U C C O         A N N U L A R 
      T A S T E R         I N G R A T E 
                          L A Y E R E D    Best Webstern word squares

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Dual cryptogram

Some publications

Languages and systems

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A. G. Hume and M. D. McIlroy, Unix Research System, 10th Edition, Saunders College Publishing, Philadelphia (1990) ISBN 0-03-047352-5 (Vol. I), 0-03-047329-5 (Vol. II)
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M. D. McIlroy, A note on discrete representation of lines, AT&T Tech. J., 64 (1985) 481-490
M. D. McIlroy, Getting raster ellipses right, ACM Transactions on graphics 11 (1992) 259-275
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J. W. Hunt and M. D. McIlroy, An algorithm for differential file comparison, Comp. Sci. Tech. Rep. #41, Bell Telephone Laboratories (1976)
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M. D. McIlroy A killer adversary for quicksort Software--Practice and Experience, 29 (1999) 341-344

Text processing

M. D. McIlroy, Synthetic English speech by rule, Comp. Sci. Tech. Rep. #14, Bell Telephone Laboratories (1973)
M. D. McIlroy, Development of a spelling list, IEEE Trans. on Communications 30 (1982) 91-99


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