Lawrence  Charles Cowsar                           


Scientific Computing Research Department &

Computing Systems Research Department

Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies
700 Mountain Ave., Room 2C-409
Murray Hill, NJ 07974

Phone: 908-582-5468

Fax: 908-582-5857

I head the Scientific Computing Research and Computing Systems Research Departments of the Computing Sciences Research Center at Bell Labs in Murray Hill , NJ. 

The Scientific Computing team's recent work includes the design, simulation, and control of ultra-long haul dense wavelength division optical transmission systems including mesh optical networks, tools for exploratory data analysis, the optimal design of nanograss structures, and span engineering tools for optical networks.  The Computing Sciences team's recent work includes algorithms for network data transformation and reconciliation, test coverage analysis of complex telecommunications equipment, network discovery, novel uses of RFIDs, and gateways for email-to-mobile messaging that are free from spam.

Since I joined Bell Labs in 1994, my personal work has ranged from subsurface flow simulation to optical fiber design, from the design of finite elements to simulation platforms for optical line system control.  My fiber device designs include prototypes of the OFS-Fitel (formerly Lucent OFS) TrueWave(R) REACH fiber and an all-fiber higher-order-mode dispersion compensator.  I  have been involved in the design and control of Lucentís LambdaXtreme Optical Line System and am currently focused on the creation of new professional services with Lucentís Worldwide Services business unit. I received my PhD in Computational and Applied Mathematics from Rice University for work on the analysis of domain decomposition techniques for partial differential equations.

When not thinking about telecommunications technology, I'm likely to be found fishing, or in my vegetable garden, or trying to improve my feeble poker game. 

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