Arjen K. Lenstra Lucent Technologies, Bell Labs Innovations
akl (at) lucent (dot) com

I joined the Computing Sciences Research Center at Bell Labs (Lucent Technologies) in May 2004, and I am a part-time professor in cryptology at the Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Refer to my TUe homepage for some of my papers before I joined Bell Labs and the (ancient, but free) long integer package freeLIP.

An old memo on RSA signature generation in the presence of faults (an MS word file).

A contribution to the forthcoming Handbook of Information Security on cryptographic key lengths: key_lengths.pdf.

An updated (February 2005) white paper hash.pdf on hashing developments and some interesting X.509 certificates.

My spring 2004 log-recycling project: from the south, west, and southwest

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